Public Health Scheme

Poor hygiene practices in Africa, such as not washing hands with soap or unhygienic water storage, are a major contributor to poor health and spread of disease and illness in Africa. Improving hygiene practices requires people to change the way they behave. Traditional approaches focus on using the fear of disease and poor health, but increasingly it is believed that a disgust of faeces and a focus on modern toilets are more influential factors. WHO and UNICEF have reports which shows that theres an increase  cholera, Diarrhea in African countries.

Berkshire-partners UK Perspective to Public Sanitation

At Berkshire-Partners UK, Our work in hygiene is primarily focused on improving hand washing with soap as it potentially has the biggest impact on health, significantly reducing the spread of disease and illness. We work with the private sector to harness their marketing and branding expertise as a way of introducing new approaches to motivating people to change their hygiene behaviours. We look forward to opportunities to work with Ministries of Health in African countries to support their ongoing campaigns as well as promoting safe storage of water and the use of latrines as key hygiene messages.

Below is a 3d imagery of the sanitation Project in Uganda.

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