Berkshire-Partners Uk Public Sanitation Scheme

Uganda Public Sanitation

January 19, 2018

Access to improved sanitation is a key preventive measure against sanitary-related gastro-enteric diseases such as diarrhoea. We assessed the access to sanitation facilities and users’ satisfaction in 50 randomly selected slums of Kampala through a cross-sectional survey conducted in 2010. A total of 1500 household respondents were interviewed. Sixty-eight per cent of the respondents used shared toilets, 20% private, 11% public toilets and less than 1% reported using flying toilets or practising open defecation. More than half of the respondents (51.7%) were not satisfied with their sanitation facilities. Determinants for satisfaction with the facilities used included the nature and type of toilet facilities used, their cleanliness, and the number of families sharing them. The study findings showed that slum dwellers had high access to sanitation facilities. However, most of them were shared and majority of the respondents were not satisfied with their facilities, primarily due to cleanliness and over demand.

Berkshire-Partner Uk to Build over 200 toilets through 24 districts of Uganda. This is part of Our Public Sanitation Scheme to help support Millions of Ugandan’s with little or no access to toilets. Pilot sites will be built in the city of Kampala to commence this project. This Project will be funded by European Multinationals, European Organisations supporting the WASH Programme e.t.c. Project will be Launched in the First Quater of 2018 with the plan to build at least 50 toilets yearly in the next 5 years.

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